Benada Restaurant

Stop by on an otherwise challenging day. Please, sit and relax, we’ll be happy to take care of you and your group. We’re pleased to offer excellent coffee, or would you prefer a strong cup of tea? Have you seen the wine list?

You are our very important guest for us during your visit. The choice is up to you. We guarantee your maximum satisfaction and that you’ll be happy to visit us again.

T: +420 581 117 119
E: fb.cchol@clarion⁠-⁠


Lobby bar

The quality of the coffee will tell you a lot about the restaurant and bar you have visited. Try ours and you’ll see you’ve come to the right place. It is excellent, strong yet smooth. If you’re not a fan of coffee, don't worry, we have a range of excellent teas, alcoholic beverages, wines and other beverages as well. Sit in a comfortable chair, take out your favourite book and enjoy a moment of peace. Soak up the sun’s rays on the terrace during the summer.


Room service

Order breakfast in bed. Satisfy that late⁠-⁠night food craving. There’s no need to leave the warmth of your bed to have a bite to eat. Choose from our broad selection of meals and beverages daily from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and we’ll bring your order all the way to your room.


Refreshments at events should not be underestimated. Leave it to us, we’ll be happy to help out in terms of preparation and service. We provide comprehensive catering services to ensure your guests do not leave hungry. Would you prefer a buffet, a cocktail party or do you have something else in mind? Family celebrations, corporate events, weddings and parties will no longer cause you a single wrinkle.

Call us +420 581 117 111 or contact us by email congress.cchol@clarion⁠-⁠