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Once upon a time, a town was graced with the presenceof numerous charming fountains.

Olomouc ⁠-⁠ a cityhistorically adorned with 45 of them ⁠-⁠ boasts the oldestamong them, built more than 300 years ago. One of themost famous was Caesar's Fountain, weaving tales ofancient glory. Hercules, like the ancient hero, inspired itsinhabitants with his strength. Jupiter's fountain mesmerizedwith the grandeur of a proud god, while the Tritons´fountainseemed to spring from the depths of ancient myths.

Proud of its role, one of the fountains at our hotel ⁠-⁠ Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc ⁠-⁠ stands. Though smallerand younger compared to the other fountains, it diligentlyrepresents its city to the best of its ability. In the hotelrestaurant, guests have a chance to order a drink called"Fountain" ⁠-⁠ yet another source of inspiration for their journey of adventure.

Taste our drink and allow the enchantment of our fountainsto sweep you away. Even today, they continue to dazzlewith their timeless presence...

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„Thought is the fountain of action, life and manifestation;make the fountain pure, and all will be pure.“

James Allen