Tips for trips near to Olomouc

Come taste some great beer with us!

Beer has always been associated with Central Moravia. There are many small breweries in our region that use four basic ingredients to make their beer: water, hops, yeast and, above all, Hanakian barley malt, which is also highly regarded abroad. Ask and book today on the hotel reception! Route A - The Chomout Microbrewery   and The Kosíř Microbrewery or Route B - The Melichárek Microbrewery and The Kosíř Microbrewery. More information available HERE!

Trips along the River Morava through historical Olomouc

Trips on rafts under the beautiful monuments of the city, along a branch of the River Morava – the Mlýnský Stream.  A minibus will take you to the park under the neo-Gothic St. Wenceslas Cathedral, where you will undergo a short training session, be given a paddle and life-vest and will then get into a raft with an instructor. Then all you have to do is enjoy the trip which passes below the Přemyslid Palace,  via the Bezruč Gardens, along the ancient city walls of Olomouc with views of St. Michael’s Church with its former Dominican monastery, past the Botanical Gardens on Michalské stromořadí to the bridge near Tržnice. Various routes are available lasting between 45 to 160 minutes and with a minimum number of 3 people, trips can be arranged on any date and at any time.
More information available HERE! 

Olomouc with a guide by bike

Do you enjoy cycling? Then what is there to think about? Olomouc by bike allows you  to get to know all of the interesting places in the city over the course of just one day and your knowledgeable guide will provide you with the most interesting information at individual stop-off points, including juicy stories from history and about the fates of people here. There are up to twenty such stop-off points during the trip. There are two alternatives for the cycling tour (the longer A and the shorter B). Entrance to monuments is not possible during cycling tours due to time constrains. More information available HERE!