People from Olomouc spent CZK 30,000 on charity punch to help Happy Smile association

People from Olomouc spent CZK 30,000 on charity punch to help Happy Smile association

December 1, 2015

The last Saturday in November saw another charitable project held at the Christmas Stand of the Dobré místo pro život (A Good Place to Live) civic association.  This time, the residents of Olomouc could purchase Christmas punch from the employees of the Clarion Congress Hotel and Olomouc Smash Gym on Horní náměstí.  The proceeds of sales went to support the Šťastný úsměv (Happy Smile) association, which helps children with a cleft lip.  In total, CZK 29,759 was raised.

“We were surprised by the unusually high level of interest and the great attitude of people who came to the Christmas market on the weekend.  This year, our stand was also staffed by colleagues from our partner hotels in Hvar, Croatia, who were enthusiastic about the project.  Last year, we collected CZK 20,000 to support wheelchair-bound people in Olomouc, so it looks like the project is on the rise and I am very much looking forward to next year,” said Michal Prstek, Operations Manager of the Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc.

All of the money collected will be used to print a concertina book for children, which will go to 300 children.  The book features the story of Lippy the Lion, who was born with a cleft lip, and aims to inform the smallest children about what it means to have a cleft lip and what the treatment entails, and to give the littlest patients self-confidence and tell them this is nothing they need to be ashamed of.

The Christmas Stand project of the ‘Good Place to Live’ association ran for a whole month, from 22 November through to 23 December 2015, involving volunteers from more than 30 institutions – companies, schools, healthcare facilities, and fitness and sports clubs.  Every day, the Christmas Stand is the patron of a different project.  Aside from wheelchair-bound people, it collects money, for example, for the Ostrůvek Children’s Centre, Olomouc Klokánek, or the Tamtam Early Care Centre.

Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc has cooperated with the ‘A Good Place to Live’ civic association for many years.  Aside from the Christmas Stand, it has cooperated, for example, on the Day for Mum project, supporting women taking care of handicapped children.